Exhibition Images

Tomory Dodge,  Monolith , 2016

Tomory Dodge, Monolith, 2016

Tom Friedman (+The Birthday Show)

Exhibition Dates:
Friday, Nov 18, 2016 – Sun, Jan 8, 2017
(cake + cava every Thursday during exhibition)

Opening reception: Friday, Nov 18, 6-8pm

Participating Artists: Gina Beavers, Trudy Benson, Will Cotton, Tomory Dodge,
Loius Fratino, 
Tom Friedman, David Kaihoi, Sadie Laska, Dominic Mangila, 
Isaac Mann, Lari Pittman, Ben Schonzeit, Chris Taylor, Richard Tuttle – and
Dalton School’s Wayne Thiebaud student project.

A candle keeps us company ...and turns cake into an event.

For our second exhibition, 1969 presents Tom Friedman (+ The Birthday Show) featuring representational paintings and sculptures of cake + cakey abstract paintings + a commissioned window installation + artworks any birthday boy would covet. A focal point of the group exhibition is a new light work by Tom Friedman. The 10-minute projection features a lone candle in slow, constant burn, lighting every artwork in the exhibition. Never shrinking down in size, looping within its own image, the candle maintains a steady presence exhibited in broad daylight. It is a poetic work about consciousness and presence, a reminder that not every flame measures time passing or goes to extinguish. Every day is your birthday.

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