Sharon Madanes
Zoe Nelson
Rebecca Ness
Dylan Vandenhoeck

curated by Alex Allenchey

October 28 — December 16, 2018

Opening reception:
Sunday, October 28, 6–8pm

1969 Gallery presents Now You See It, a group exhibition, curated by Alex Allenchey, featuring paintings by Sharon Madanes, Zoe Nelson, Rebecca Ness, and Dylan Vandenhoeck.

Now You See It is full of skewed perspectives. Whether presented from first person or a greater remove, the works initially provide incomplete or distorted information, necessitating the viewer’s participation to synthesize the circumstances of a scene. They demand a slower reading and an acknowledgement of the inputs and processes at play in our own world building.

Zoe Nelson’s abstractions operate in a constant liminal state. Shifting forms oscillate between resolving and dissolving; their illusionistic compositions reinforce a recognition that one’s perceptions are not reality. Dylan Vandenhoeck embraces the fallibility of the eye, translating optical phenomena directly on the canvas in impastoed currents.

Rebecca Ness presents specific moments from atypical viewpoints. Interactions are cast in ambiguity, forcing a focus on finer details for clarification. Comprehension in Sharon Madanes’ paintings is a matter of interpretation. Assorted figures, while present and tactile, belie an inherent slipperiness. Even clutched hands, in a blink, with a sleight, collapse into indecipherability.